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My work is based upon the principles of Transactional Analysis which is a set of philosophical concepts about people and the goals of change based on the premise that:

  • People are ok
  • Everyone has the capacity to think
  • People decide their own destiny and these decisions can be changed

The building blocks of Transactional Analysis are:

The Ego State Model

This is a developmental model, which charts the significance of early experience, the important influence of others and the integration of these into a here and now working reality.

Theory of Communications: Transactions

The analysis of communications (transactions) allows both an understanding of how the internal world influences interactions with others and the patterns of those interactions themselves. This gives us options and choice in improving communications and is invaluable in the therapeutic relationship.

Psychological Games

These are repetitive patterns of behaviour that lead to a familiar 'bad' feeling. Although we are usually aware of these patterns to some extent we are usually unaware of the psychological drives that lie beneath them. Games reinforce and maintain the individual's script.


Script is a life plan made in early childhood and based on decisions made in response to external influence and internal vulnerability.*

Through the analysis of these four aspects of individual personality the client's consciousness is raised and they are empowered to take control of their life and change its destiny.

I practise using a particular approach known as Relational Transactional Analysis (RTA) which describes a shift away from the focus on cognitive insight as the central vehicle of psychological change to the importance of affective, co-creative, conscious, non conscious, and unconscious relational interactions as a primary means of growth, change and transformation. Find out more at www.relationalta.com

*Lister-Ford, C., 'Skills in Transactional Analysis Counselling & Psychotherapy'